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Win7之家:CES国际花费电子大会现场直播地址 打破了12年的思想,拜耳默将会在这里次CES大会上代表盖茨发表大会主题。 为了给2010年开个好头,拜耳默将会在二〇〇八年二月7日出场发布



为了给2010年开个好头,拜耳默将会在二〇〇八年二月7日出场发布CES国际花费电子大会的开幕。当然,确实无疑,Windows 7将会着力此次大会的大部分内容。假使大家对CES或Windows 7或拜耳默感兴趣的话,下边为大家提供了四个在线阅览地址:低画质: Low Quality 中画质: Medium 高画质: High Quality

Breaking a 12 year old tradition, Steve Ballmer is expected to 'replace' Bill Gates in this year's CES Keynote.

To give the new year an animated start, Ballmer should be taking the stage on January 7, 2009 at 6:30pm PST. Showing off cool new gadgets, innovations, and much, much more, this is guaranteed to be a thriller!

Aside from all the geeky devices, however, is undeniably Windows 7. It's no secret that Windows 7 will dominate much of the CES content.

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